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Aching for remote area travel? Experiencing Australia is easier with Big Sky Tagalong Tours!

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Intrepid husband and wife duo Jacqui and Dave are kicking off this touring season with an exciting program with Big Sky Tagalong Tours through Australia’s most stunning, remote regions, access permitting. Under the careful eye of this professional driver and workplace trainer team, novices and experienced off-roaders will experience a truly unique slice of Australian life, with just the right amount of touring advice tailored to your needs.

Six exciting tours taking in epic Top End destinations, the Darling River, and Broome and iconic Aussie tracks suit those travelling with an off-road camper trailer, caravan and even tent.

“It’s the history of the places we go. You learn historical and cultural sites, give a sense of identity to places and develop a better understanding of those who lived before us,” say Jacqui and Dave.

The family’s links with local communities really the tours:

“We often find activities you might miss or not get the chance to participate in as a solo traveller.”

Travellers will choose a tagalong tour for many reasons: companionship, access to unique experiences or to improve their skills travelling through remote regions.

“We get a lot of people with different levels of experience. Some of our guests come to us never having driven on a dirt road.”

“With those travellers, we spend time with them initially, answering questions, assisting with things such as vehicle checks, tyre pressure, gear selection and approach as we travel through different terrain.” After a couple of days, you can see a change in confidence.

“You see it happen within the group… those who stick close to us at the beginning move further down the line as their skill and capabilities grow. A lot now say, we have the confidence to go alone”.

“It’s really rewarding to see the change in confidence. We are there to help them through it.”

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